Actor Tony Revolori became a household name when he appeared as Zero in The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014 and he hasn’t slowed down for a second since. Tony took some time recently to talk with VULKAN about his role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, how he chooses his roles and and what we can expect to see him in next.

You play Flash Thompson in Spider-Man: Homecoming that’s being released this fall. For those unfamiliar with Flash, can you tell us about about the character?
Flash Thompson is a bully to Peter Parker in the comics; the prototypical jock stuffing a nerd into a locker type guy. Although I don’t play the character exactly that way, I still am a bit of a d*ck to Peter.

In your opinion what is it about Peter Parker that seems to bug Flash?
We’ve kinda revamped the character to be more contemporary. Instead of a bully we made it more of a rival type situation. Flash isn’t a fan of Peter because I think he sees how easy it is for Peter (academically) and it frustrates him because he has to work for it. It all stems from jealousy, I feel.

How do you breath fresh life into a character that has already been adapted a few times before?
I feel like I’m so different from the other actors who’ve portrayed Flash in the past that I can’t help but make the character different. Even if I tried to be like Joe or Chris, I couldn’t do by that fact that I’m a new version.

Do you find it more or less challenging as an actor to portray a character that is already known to Marvel fans, compared to playing a completely new character?
There are two sides to that coin. Yes, it’s hard to come in and make a character that’s beloved you’re own but also it’s hard to create something entirely new and make it beloved. So I don’t know which is harder but I know it’s a lot more pressure adapting a comic book character, since the fans are quite precious with them.

Were you already a big Marvel fan prior to filming? If not, are you now?
I was a fan of the marvel films before I’d join but I didn’t actually think I’d have a chance to actually be in one of them. I’m very fortunate.

With such an incredible cast full of well known actors, filming must have been a blast! What was your favourite part about filming? What was the mood on set like? 
The best part of filming was I think just being around everyone a group of extremely talented actors [within] my age range and just talking with them and getting to know them. As for the mood, well, it was very much a fun set, but everyone was professional when time came down to it.

What will you miss most about this cast?
Hopefully not much if I get called back for the second movie. If not I’d miss all the hangouts.

You’ve been so busy with so many different movies and series in recent years, what has been your favourite role so far in your career? Why?
Without a doubt The Grand Budapest Hotel playing Zero. I had an incredible time on that film and really felt at home. I loved every second of making that film and portraying Zero; to my recollection there wasn’t a single bad moment.

What can you tell us about The Long Dumb Road and your role in it?
Long Dumb Road is a cool adventure movie. I play a kid going off to college and instead of flying from Austin to LA he decides to drive. Along the way he meets Jason Mantzukos’ Richard, and from there on, well, let’s just say some things happen. I don’t want to spoil the movie.

What did you wish for on your 21st birthday?
I can’t tell you that, [because] then it won’t come true. But I didn’t blow out any candles because there wasn’t a cake. I was on a diet, sadly.

From baby commercials, to the Grand Budapest Hotel, to Spider-Man & more…. You seem to be getting your feet wet in all sorts of genres. Do you hope to hone in on any one genre in particular in the future?
Truthfully I would just like to keep working on films that interest me or characters I like. If I’m lucky to do that then I’m set! I don’t really know if there’s a genre or anything like that I’m dying to get into.

When you’re sitting down with a pile of screenplays, what helps you decide what role to audition for?
Hmmm… I don’t know. Usually I go with my gut and I have a great team around me, both industry people and people outside the business who help me with my decision.

If you weren’t acting, what do you think you’d be doing?
I have no idea. I always liked the idea of being an architect, so maybe t

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