The Vamps stole the hearts of many when they become a household name by creating YouTube covers of songs by One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, and more. Since then, The Vamps have risen to the occasion and have achieved worldwide success with music of their own. VULKAN sat down with the heartthrobs to see how they have handled the fame and find out what we can expect in recent months to come.

You guys recently released an autobiography…what drove you to write one? What can readers take away from it that they might not be able to find elsewhere? 

I think for us, we wanted to give as much of an honest account of how the last four to five years has been for us as a band. In most interviews, you only get 10-15 minutes with someone so they never get to get a real feel of what we’re about. Also in that time with someone you never want to say anything negative about how life in a band is, so in the book, we really got to tell people about the ups and the downs!

You have a new single out, “All Night,” which features Matoma. How did that collaboration come about? Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song?

Matoma is an awesome guy, we already had the song done to a point where we were happy with it but we thought that it could be taken somewhere else production wise. The drop was very minimal and needed to be expanded upon with new melodies, etc. So we sent the song out and our label sent it to Matoma and he put his spin on it and he smashed it the first time! It really worked well. The thing I personally really like about “All Night” is that when someone sees the song title they might think it’s a song about partying, which is pretty much the opposite! It’s a song about being in this kind of dream state with someone you love and how it’s always amazing. The verses go into a little bit more detail reminiscing about the past.

You’re heading out on a world tour this coming year. Are there any places you’re particularly excited to see/perform in?

We’re excited about everywhere! To be honest, we haven’t really had any bad experiences in a place. However, we’re always excited to go back to Australia in particular!

Speaking of touring, how have you been managing living in such close quarters with each other? Do you find it gets stressful at times? Do you have any special routines you follow while on the road?

Luckily, our team is pretty awesome and we get along with everyone. It’s not just being in close quarters with the band, it’s everyone around us too and it can get tiring, but I think we’re all pretty good at knowing when someone is tired or down or whatever, so we just react accordingly and that keeps us good! As far as special routines go, we like going to the gym and spas, that’s good for relieving stress! For shows, some of us warm up more than others and sometimes not at all.

What new artists are you guys really into right now that you’d like to work with someday?

Personally, I’d love to write with Twenty One Pilots. They have such a unique writing style, which keeps them current, but not in the typical way! As a band, Ed Sheeran would be amazing to work with; we were meant to have a session with him not long back but it didn’t work out timing wise.

Your sound has changed since you first got together as a band. What inspired the new vibe?

I think we’ve grown up a lot since we started, we were between 16-18 starting out in this new world and I think that’s probably a big reason it’s changed…just because we have as people! I don’t think we intended to be like, “right, this is where we’re going. It just sort of happened.”

You’ve worked quite a bit with producer, Steve Mac, on your last album. His credits include One Direction, Shakira, Il Divo and more-what was it like working with someone with such an eclectic credit list? How did that help shape your sound, if at all? Do you have any plans to continue working with him in the future?

Steve Mac is an incredible producer and great guy to work with! He never seemed overbearing or controlling in sessions but knew what we had to achieve in order for the songs to be as good as they could be. We probably did about 5 or 6 songs with him. Hopefully we can work with him again in the future!

We understand you’ve started your own record label, “Steady Records;” was this a goal of yours from the get-go, or did it come about as you started to see more success with the band?

I don’t think we ever thought about it at the start of the band, it came more about after a few years of working with our label and seeing how the process worked. We’re all really interested in it and have as much control of our project as we can. We thought we could find a band and show them the ropes that we learned at the start!

Your first signing is an American boy band, The Tide-what drew you to their music?

We really thought they had potential from when we first met them! They’re great musicians and great guys to work with! I think the fact that we all have similar taste in music really helps as well.

Do you find at all challenging to juggle your duties as a band and record label owners?

Not really. I think because they’re so similar and we know how it works, it’s just fun if anything! It’s harder when both bands are on opposite sides of the world but apart from that, all is good!

Are you the main talent scouts? If so, how do you plan on choosing the acts you sign?

Yeah! We look through social media for any talent…it’s pretty easy these days with the amount of platforms but to find the right people that you think will work in the current market is a little bit trickier! Sometimes, it’s a gamble.

A new album, a book, and the record label-2017 is shaping up to be a busy one for you guys; any other projects in the works that we should keep an eye out for?

Haha yeah, it’s super busy! I think those are the main priorities for the year along with doing a world tour. We just want to make those as best as they can be.

How would you describe your music to people that haven’t heard it?

I’d say we’re a traditional band taking elements from rock, folk and dance! We’ve definitely gone through a few different genres of music in the almost 3 albums we put out; we like a bit of a change sometimes!

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Interview by Jaimee Jakobczak

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