Skincare brand ‘NIP+FAB’ is a brand booming with infamous skincare products from products containing Glycolic Acid to a ‘Dragons Blood’ range. This is a brand you can’t miss on the shelves with their bold packaging and striking statements for flawless skin. So of course a lot of us Nip+Fab fans were very excited to be hearing about the launch of their new beauty range!

The beauty products from Nip+Fab released in early May 2017 and had a very good start into the make-up world. They have released an amazing range of products including contour palettes, concealers and liquid lipsticks! Not to mention that the prices of these products are at a drugstore rate, this makes these nicely affordable.

Taking a look into some of the products, we’ll start with what the palettes they have to offer. Contour kits are not so familiar in the drugstore beauty range so Nip+Fab introduced three different palettes each with diverse tones that are easily blend-able and fit for every skin shade; light, medium and dark at 20. Understandably, you can’t kick off a beauty brand without some highlighting products so the beauty team at Nip+Fab created a stunning 6 pan highlighting palette with versatile shades also retailing for $20. However, if you weren’t looking to carry around a contour or highlighting palette with you, they also have a travel palette including a beautiful highlighting shade, a blush, and a bronzer! We also have to mention the gorgeous sculpted eyeshadow palette which includes 12 shades ranging with both warm & cool tones.

Looking into the lip products, Nip+Fab have introduced 10 new nude shades in their liquid lipstick range. The formula of these liquid lipsticks last throughout the day without your lips feeling too dry, plus they give the perfect amount of colour for a day-look! To pair with your matte lipstick there are also creamy lip liners that glide on to complete your make-up. For some base products they introduced 30ml semi matte light-weight foundations with a varied shade selection and even included whitening and darkening mixer! This foundation gives you a medium coverage and gives a ‘soft focus’ effect to blur any imperfections. If I haven’t caught you attention with this brand already, maybe a primer would do the trick! Not just any primer, but a primer water which includes hydrating benefits and glycerine to get your make-up to stick.

Although we have already spoken about an amazing selection of products, there is actually so much more that Nip+Fab have introduced to the beauty world! Products such as eye pencils, colour correctors and even a blush palette perfect for the summer. The whole range can be found on the Nip+Fab website!

Aniqa Anjum


Aniqa is a contributor for Vulkan Magazine covering all things beauty! With a huge interest & passion for make-up, she is here to keep you updated with whats hot in the beauty world! Follow her Instagram and Twitter page at @axiqaabeauty

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