Becoming a super model is largely based on individuality and uniqueness and it seems like now, more than ever, a model has to stand out in the crowd if they ever dream of being successful in this industry. With the strong demand for a dominant social media presence, models are going to the extreme to ensure that they stand out and that the world cares enough to hit that follow button. With that being said, I truly believe that gaining that popularity has nothing to do with who you know or who you’ve slept with–it’s about what makes you interesting enough for us to give a f#$#. 

The fashion industry is loosely like a high school cafeteria–you have your heartthrobs in the back, your nerds near the exit, the divas near the heartthrobs, and the outcasts somewhere where no one remembers. 

Let’s relate that to the fashion industry; whether you’re the malnourished-looking high fashion it girl/guy or the bombshell, your presence will be known as long as you are good at what you do and there aren’t an influx of clones with that exact same look. On the other hand, if you’re that typical beauty that dyes your hair crazy colours, or lurks around the bombshell table to ensure a photo op–you’re probably going to be forgotten very quickly, if anyone noticed you to begin with. Point being, every now and again a model comes around who has that it factor and the personality to back it up, and that’s what captivates others and ensures that follow button is pressed.

Now it’s time to talk Canada; every now and again a Canadian moves from their table to the international one; whether with ease, or with force, the move was made and their presence becomes known. Gabriel Aubry, Coco Rocha, Yasmine Warsame, Linda Evangelista, and Daria Werbowy are a few of the obvious title holders but today, we’re focusing on the up-and-coming. There are the obvious names like Winnie Harlow, Adam Butcher, Grace Mahary, Paulo Roldan, and Herieth Paul, but lately there have been a few models peeking the interest of many. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of Toronto’s up and comers, and with beauty and personality to boot, you’ll be able to see why!


Mical Bockru – Elite Models Toronto

Riley D – Elite Models Toronto

Amber Witcomb – Elite Models Toronto / Want Management – Mother Agency

Ryan Keating – Elite Models Toronto / Want Management – Mother Agency

Emm Arruda – Ciotti Models

Ty Smithers – B&M Models

Quinn – Elite Models Toronto

Cassandra – Elmer Olsen Models

Elizabeth – Elite Models Toronto

Jared – Elmer Olsen Models

Alexander Jamall

Director & Editor at Large

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