For many people, there were two choices at school. You could either take the intellectual route or do something creative. One has a stable plan which usually involves university; the other option, could lead you spending your life assisting and forever searching for that one break.

If you were going to be a makeup-artist, photographer or stylist etc, you most-likely  had extreme hunger and determination to complete your goal. The odds were stacked against you and the industry can sometimes be a game of – who do you know and not what do you know.

Nowadays however, social media has allowed a wave of amateurs to take on creativity and actually earn a living off it. Like a double-edge sword, this opportunity can work for you either way. You can lose out on work, due to some personality with less experience receiving more roles, or you could be that online presence, now creating a success.

I somewhat loathed the movement. Watching numerous makeup-artists, spend their lives honing their technique; to suddenly see a person in their bedroom that simply bought a camera and learnt makeup off of YouTube, be more of an influence, didn’t make any sense. I struggled back-and-forth between debating whether I want to upload natural, no-filter shots, or do I go along with the crowd?

The ‘Instagram face’ is synonymous with contour, bold eyebrows, overdrawn lips and eyeliner so long, that it could be saying hello to the brows. If you do this look well, you can have a line up of clients who also request it.

I now know various creative types, all looking to have a career, through the use of Instagram and other online platforms. Despite the fact that it offers a free online portfolio and advertising tool, you are now going ahead against 500 million, other active Instagram users. People who may have never even considered doing something like photography, but now want to be an influencer.

It all seems so lucrative. Post images with captions, share videos from the comfort of your own home and be in with a chance to work with big brands and a good income. Where it leads the talent who have yet to build a brand through social media, is unknown. I imagine it leads them struggling further – if their career has not taken off.

Going back to the double-edge sword, I found the positives. My Instagram has over 3,000 followers – not enough to be quitting the day-job, but satisfactory to have an audience. After finding myself lost in where I want to go with cosmetics, I went back to my original college vision. I wanted to be a writer.

Tapping into internet connections, I set up a blog and went to my social media followers, for help on articles and promotion. I was able to interview fashion photographers, fitness addicts with thousands of admirers, as well as prominent food influencers. This has contributed greatly, to the thousands of views that my blog receives.

Although I believe my original talent has always been there, I have to admit that without such tools, the speed to get to this position could have been far longer. The fact is social media is a part of people’s daily lives. Creativity is what helps to fuel it, so to have a creative career; you have to decide whether you are prepared to be an online marketer, or whether you are going to take the non millennial route and use other promotional forms.

Photography by: Geoff Nichols


Laura Bradbury


Laura is a journalist, model and makeup-artist, who has had experience with film, fashion and editorial. Her blog: Lauzieslifestyle, documents her passion for beauty, health and style. She currently resides in London.

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