We all know the beauty world is very much into highlighters and getting that blinding glow! Well Ofra Cosmetics have come out with the most smooth, intense and pigmented highlighters yet, and everyone is talking about them. Since the beginning of 2016 the craze for highlighters has grown astonishingly and almost every make-up brand has at least one highlighter in their collection whether that’s in cream, liquid or powder form. So how do we know which ones are the BEST amongst this sea of highlighters that we’re seeing on the market?! I think it’s time for a little Ofra Cosmetics show and tell!

Ofra Cosmetics have been growing since 1979 and have launched high-quality products including their velvety matte liquid lipsticks, signature eyeshadow palettes and of course, the infamous highlighters including the shades Rodeo Drive, Blissful and Beverly hills. These highlighters have been circulating all around social media and have made an appearance many times by huge beauty gurus on YouTube including Nikki Tutorials and Laura Lee!

With just one swipe on your brush these will give you the most intense glow without your skin looking textured or glittery! They each include 10 grams of product and are made in the USA. The hype for these right now is well deserved and it is a MUST in the beauty world! They can easily be applied with any highlighting brush such as a fan or tapered brush. So.. If you’re looking to glow as bright as the heavens then this is definitely the highlighter you’ve been searching for!

Aniqa Anjum


Instagram: @axiqaabeauty

Nikki Tutorials wearing the shade ‘Beverly Hills’! Source: @ofracosmetics

Top shade: Beverly Hills, Bottom Left: Blissful, Bottom right: Rodeo Drive. Picture taken by @axiqaabeauty on Instagram

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