Unicorn and mermaid themed make-up is everywhere now, with almost every brand releasing these magical themed make-up products! And let’s be real, we absolutely love it! There’s something about iridescent fun colours that draws our attention to these products, we even have ‘unicorn drops’ and mermaid glitter in the beauty world so what’s not to say there will be many more remarkable launches this year!

But just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore unicorn themed beauty products that can be launched – then out comes a flood of pretty Instagram posts with unicorn and mermaid inspired make-up brushes! This genius idea stemmed from the UK beauty brand ‘Unicorn Lashes’ where the handles of these brushes is what looks to be a unicorn horn! Then manufacturers based East Asia decided it would be fitting to also create brush handles with a mermaid’s tail (no actual mermaids were harmed in this process). Soon after the popularity these gained on social media, brands such as Tarte Cosmetics and Primark started to take their own spin on this brush craze and released their very own sets! Lime Crime took it as far as creating brushes with handles that have moving glitter inside!

Of course these brushes are going to look beautiful on your vanity but they aren’t there just to look pretty. We need good quality bristles and after cleaning & trying out as many of these brushes as we could – It’s fair to say that YOU NEED THEM! These are probably the softest brushes in my collection and they definitely do not shed when cleaning them either! Better yet you can find these brush sets for affordable prices. They are so easy to work with and I’m sure you’ll be able to find a magical make-up brush for your every beauty need!



Aniqa is a contributor for Vulkan Magazine covering all things beauty! With a huge interest & passion for make-up, she is here to keep you updated with whats hot in the beauty world! Follow her Instagram and Twitter page at @axiqaabeauty

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