Gutu Maria was born on May 20, 1996, and is a collage artist from the Republic of Moldova. She studies at the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts in Chisinau. Gutu’s collages are inspired by her love of music ( The Smiths, Joy Division, Slowdive), literature (Joyce, Maiakovski, Kafka), and art (Man Ray, Braque, Jean Arp, Rodchenko). She hopes to express her emotions through her art; collages are her intimate diaries, her poetry without words, her inner pieces.

”Inner pieces,” a series of black and white collages, is her long term project, where she explores forms, dreams, and feelings monochromatically. Throughout her process, she gets lost in the elements of shadows and forms and incorporates this into her art. Themes she often explores include nature, sexuality, fear, and freedom. Gutu aims to change the perspective of photography by cutting, assembling, and reassembling images, in order to show others how she sees the world.

“Man cannot truly create; but he can stick things together in such a way as to allude into the belief that he has created; and it is this aesthetic quality of composition which all the fine arts must possess.’- Alfred Steiglitz.

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