As the number of talents within the fashion industry continues to rise, it’s more challenging than ever to have your work seen or to even book a job. BOF, Buisness of Fashion, recently published an article listing some key points that designers should take note of when building their portfolio and although aimed at fashion designers newly out of school, we believe these points apply to all aspects of the creative industry.

“the portfolio is so important because ultimately, it’s going to show every skill and it will get you the job,” said Hywel Davies, programme director of fashion at Central Saint Martins.

BoF spoke to educators and industry insiders from some of the world’s most renowned fashion schools and brands to discover how to make a creative portfolio stand out.

Here are some of the key points that we feel are critical to an effective portfolio.

1. Show diversity and market awareness
Students need to be able to show diversity. They can have a vision for their work, but they need to demonstrate that they can design collections for Chloé or J.W. Anderson. Different brands have different aesthetics. Students need a rich awareness of the industry, and they need to show that they’re able to engage with other markets and other customers.”

2. Develop a narrative
“A successful, creative portfolio is one where the reader is being navigated through the pages in a clear and thoughtful way. Essentially, a good portfolio is a narrated story about your key skills and a lot of graduates forget this.

3. Include non-traditional skills
“Brands will be looking at very different types of work depending on their own vision and personality. While some brands might be looking at experience, aesthetics or the ability to multi-task, others may be looking for industry experience.

5. Demonstrate originality
Originality and a strong sense of creative self is incredibly important, brands and companies are always looking for new and unique ways to convey their message – showing that you can emulate past ideas doesn’t prove you are capable of providing such.


See full article from BOF here