What sparked your interest in music at such a young age?

I think I’ve always been drawn to music. My mum tells me that she and my dad could tell from early on that I was more interested in music than an average 3-year old. It has always made me feel some kind of way that nothing else can.

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process? Does your piano expertise play a big role in it?

When I write songs it could be about the most random thing or it could be very planned out. For example, when I meet a producer for the first time and it’s like “Hey, nice to meet you, I feel like this about that.” And we have a day to write a song.

It can also be very random if I’m just walking to a meeting and I’ll get an idea. I love to write songs on airplanes. I’m very inspired by characters in movies or pictures, and when you watch a movie on a plane and don’t get distracted by anything, you feel like you’re in the movie!

I think playing the piano has helped me write because I have a better understanding of how a song is built, how chords are put together, and how it can harmonize with a melody.

As a singer/songwriter, inspiration is everywhere. Who have are/have been some of your biggest influences and idols?

I think John Mayer was the one who made me want to write songs too. I first started listening to him when I was 15 years old, and a year after, I started writing my own songs. He has these metaphors/way of saying things that doesn’t make sense at all but it makes so much sense! My music is pretty different from his, but I listen to him a lot.

Last year, you released your first EP and your new single, “Breathe,” came out March 10th! Was there a reason for such a long musical hiatus?

I don’t think there is any long or short hiatus. It’s cool that we now have streaming and social media. I feel that as long as you have a great song, it doesn’t matter if it comes out after a long break. If I had a great song I wanted to release this fall, I would have definitely done it. But some things are worth waiting for, very cliché-but true! I’m glad I’ve never rushed anything out…I have to LOVE a song before I put it out to the world.

What does the song “Breathe” mean to you and what do you hope fans take away from it?

It’s a very simple song, about something very simple and complicated. How you find that person who takes your breath away. It’s simply about having a big crush on someone and how that feels…like you don’t have control over your body. I just hope it can be a song that cheers people up, a song that they can sing along to in the car, or a song that makes them think about that special someone 😉

As concert buffs, we’ve always wanted to know: what makes one city and crowd stand out from another?

It depends, but if I’m on tour I think the whole package counts. Like how the food is, weather is and so on. But of course, I could have a really bad day and then go on stage and be blown away by the audience! Best feeling ever! But to answer your question, I think for me the city doesn’t count that much. If the crowd is willing to give energy and show me they’re having a good time, I’ll have the time of my life.

For someone who’s never heard your music before, how would you describe it?

I think I would describe it as electronic pop with an urban twist.

Spellemann, the Norwegian Grammy’s were a few weeks ago, and you performed your hit single, “Hurts So Good.” What was your favourite part of that experience? 

It was like my 6-year old dream came true. I’ve always wanted dancers, a big band, waterfalls, and diamonds on my clothes. So I think my performance was my favorite experience. We put so much work into it, and it’s the best feeling in the world when it pays off.

As a performer, music videos are a staple in your career. Do you have any input when it comes to the content? What’s it like being in front of the camera instead of live on stage? 

I think it depends on the song and the director. I usually have ideas for every music video, and most of the time, I think the directors’ ideas are better. But with “Breathe,” my idea actually came through, which is pretty exciting!

When I’m in front of the camera for a music video, I usually pretend to be another character, because it is pretend! On stage, it’s a lot more personal…but in front of the camera I can kind of shut everything out and just pretend.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alexander Saladrigas
Interviewed by Rebecca Besnos

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